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 Community Midwifery care is about being informed and in charge for yourself about all aspects of your body and your birth. Be Informed.  Be Inspired by your own extraordinary strength.  Be One Mother of A Mother.  

 Choosing A Community Midwife


Our step by step guide will help you on your path to Community Birth. From Safety to the "Yes I CAN!" - we'll guide you so you can choose for yourself.

Is Birth Center and Home Birth Safe?


Here’s Why You'll Be SAFER With Us

Costs: What does it cost and how do people pay for home and birth center births?


How does community midwifery include what's most important to you?

Statistics: Home Birth Works


How to talk with your family about your home or birth center birth.


“My partner is nervous about it...” (Here’s a section just for them.)


5 Dads Talk about Home Birth Midwife Care and Why It's THE BESTEST!

Family Nervous?

Show them this great FREE resource to ease their minds!

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Podcasts, Merch and Items We LOVE for YOU!

Here are some of the best resources out there for womxn's health, care information and learning. (Our culture is changing... See Midwives is among the change-makers, along with these up-and-coming heroes...) 

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Dads Talk Home Birth:

Empowering Info When Your Partner is Unsure

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What Midwives Bring to a Home Birth:

Medical Equipment, Skills and Clean Up

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What’s it really like to give birth with a midwife?

4 Moms share their experiences in prenatal birth and postpartum care with a home birth midwife.

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