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Midwife Secrets for Pregnancy Sleep

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Midwife Secrets for the 3rd Trimester:

Bite- Sized Solutions for Comfort, Confidence and Community

In this course, you'll get the chance to join P. Kayti Buehler, Licensed Midwife, as well as other birth-givers and parents on LIVE community sessions to help you get ready for your 3rd and beyond! We'll be discussing everything from daily exercise and practices to what to do with all those "Have you had that baby yet?" texts. We're super exited to be bringing this support to the community, and we hope to see you there!
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Feeling Your Baby's First Movements!

7 Midwife Secrets for the BEST postpartum

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When Your Water Breaks:

Midwife Secrets for WHAT TO DO

Past Your Due Date?

family and friends blowing up your phone

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Video Conversation:

Your Postpartum Journey: How to make it BEAUTIFUL.

Video Conversation:

Holistic Pediatricians: How They Work

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